Measuring of time by an instrument: Metronomy

Oma war so doof, nach der Musik zu fragen, anstatt einfach in den Abspann zu schauen. Und siehe da: es gibt noch mehr! Der Sound zum Tado-Kurzfilm kam von Metronomy alias Joseph Mount. Das Brightoner Great Escape Festival beschreibt Metronomy so:
"Metronomy is of the most hotly tipped new electronic artists for 2006. Using an out-dated computer sold to him by his father and embracing his own limitations, he now writes, performs and produces his own music. After perfecting his craft in the West Country (learning various instruments and life-lessons along the way) Metronomy swapped deepest, darkest Devon for shallowest, brightest Brighton. It is in Brighton that Metronomy now resides, signed to local indie Holiphonic.

Metronomy's distinctive production sound is rich in melody and has a well-developed pop-sensibility. Metronomy writes instrumental-electro-pop where the guitars, melodicas and accordians sing the tunes. Metronomy seems to have drawn his inspiration from just about every corner of pop counterculture, sounding both familiar and totally fresh. Metronomy brings something a bit special to the discount-disco low-fi scene while charming the new-new wave rock/pop crowd."
Diesem Urteil schließe ich mich vorbehaltlos an. Hier die alte Website von Metronomy. Auf myspace (ugh!) und bei der Hypemachine gibt es noch ein paar Tracks in voller Länge zu hören. Das erste Album "Pip Paine (pay the £5000 you owe)" gibts als UK-Import bei amazon oder - günstiger und umständlicher - direkt beim kleinen Indie-Label Holiphonic.


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